Remanence radically rethinks the classical Baccarat lighting fixtures. Moving away from the brand’s traditional vocabulary, the design is built as an illusion: a classic candelabra is embedded in a large dark mirror, which is magically revealed when hit by the light.

Ceccotti Collezioni

A continuous line unrolls in a chair, giving shape to the design by following itself in its rounded trajectory, just like the number eight.

Ceccotti Collezioni

Obi is the name given to the sash on a Japanese kimono, which looks simple to fasten but, in reality, attaching the bands is an art in itself. Taking this complexity as inspiration, the Obi table is composed of a wood band which binds the object’s parts together.


The Air Lux collection executes the duality of fullness and emptiness by reformulating archetypes of the traditional leather seat, which is often regarded as ostentatious. Generally associated with the words solid, full and heavy, the Air Lux collection conserves the comfort of these standard armchairs, with an ethereal and fluid design creating visual confusion between a feeling of lightness and everyday sturdy comfort.