Ligne Roset

This design is a composition of young plant stems which can be arranged individually to resemble the shoots of a budding plant. When empty, the vase reminds of cropped nature, waiting to be nurtured again.

Galerie BSL

Inspired by primitive elements and archetypes, Lucy is a collection of of jewellery stands of  primordial forms and shapes: a Dogon ladder, an Inuit tool carved in bone or a Neolithic polished stone. Lucy can live alone but it gains strength from its functionality.


An apparently massive, yet easily reversible object which can be placed in any direction. It seems to float, held in place by the balance of its proportions. A vase of unexpected dimensions, bordering on the abstract.

Chevalier Édition

Drawing from the world of cartography, Confluences translates the contour lines indicating heights and depths on maps, into a pattern. The carpet gives the illusion of volume and space beyond its edges. It is hand-woven in wool and silk.