Chevalier Édition

Drawing from the world of cartography, Confluences translates the contour lines indicating heights and depths on maps, into a pattern. The carpet gives the illusion of volume and space beyond its edges. It is hand-woven in wool and silk.

Chevalier Édition

Suite 207 comes to life most vividly on the floor of a hotel room in Essaouira, Morocco. The irregular motif of the concrete tiles is translated into a pattern of repetition in natural wool.


This project has its origins in Longchamp's traditional know-how of stitched leather covers. Working with the landscape of a leather-covered desk, whose lines blur horizontally on the work surface, the design evokes a sand dune.  


Cultural heritage is an unavoidable source of inspiration and it provides a legacy for future generations.  Unmistakably inspired by the 18th century, the abstract silhouette of this console is the symbol of a collective memory. Our past, our future.