This project has its origins in Longchamp's traditional know-how of stitched leather covers. Working with the landscape of a leather-covered desk, whose lines blur horizontally on the work surface, the design evokes a sand dune.  


Cultural heritage is an unavoidable source of inspiration and it provides a legacy for future generations.  Unmistakably inspired by the 18th century, the abstract silhouette of this console is the symbol of a collective memory. Our past, our future.


1902: Emile Gallé, one of the driving forces behind the Art Nouveau movement designed the anemone wreathed in gold that would be placed on the bottle of the first Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque vintage. The table, a story of curves and roundness is an extended gesture to conviviality and a celebration of the maison's identity.

Paco Rabanne

A  base of white wood, amber and patchouli with blood mandarin and spice enclosed in in a bottle that resembles the Regent diamond, the most beautiful and the purest diamond in the world. Vibrations and contrasts in the notes of the perfume echo the facets of the diamond bottle.