Paco Rabanne

Inspired by the structured and metallic universe of Paco Rabanne, 1Million  is an assertive amplification of luxury and opulence in the form of a gold ingot.

Gold can be voluptuous, and addictive.

Bernhardt Design

The back of the chair unveils itself first and the straight ridges linking the chair's feet to its back give the piece a sense of stability and strength. Corvo reveals in each angle, facet and curve different wood thicknesses. It is made entirely by hand.


A collection of lacquer vases in monolithic shapes pierced by a single sensitive flower.

Ceccotti Collezioni

A desk and its components redefine the architectural space they occupy by creating a sensory link with the user. Manta is designed to be touched.

The desk has unusual components and shapes and yet it maintains its functionality.