Ceccotti Collezioni

A desk and its components redefine the architectural space they occupy by creating a sensory link with the user. Manta is designed to be touched.

The desk has unusual components and shapes and yet it maintains its functionality.

Air France

In partnership with Brandimage - Desgrippes & Laga

Synthesized by a single handwritten sign, Air France’s logo is a tribute to curves and lines. The flowing qualities of the identity become the red thread for the lounges. The colour red is a strong marker for excellence and uniqueness.

Galerie BSL


A strip of white Corian wraps around the space of Galerie BSL, and forms a ribbon which sweeps through the narrow monochrome interior, providing surfaces on which objects can be displayed. It’s an architectural element but it’s also a functional sculpture that accentuates the perspective of the space which mutates to enhance the neutrality of a ‘white page’.



Based around the existing woodwork masterpieces of Louis Majorelle, the restaurant’s design reflects the culinary magic of the chef Alain Senderens. The space is intimate, and strives to attain the perfect balance between modernity and tradition, just like Senderens' cuisine.