NDL Editions

Hand sculpted out of a single bloc, Mineral flower tables are gems extracted from the heart of the stone. Sharp shapes interact to open gracefully into marble petals, revealing surprisingly light sculptures.


The collection has drawn its inspiration from crystal and aims to highlight this material’s inner magic, its ability to diffract light, to create the illusion of a multiplicity of suns. It is also with the aim of following this principle of organic creation that the designer has imagined it in a modular, scalable manner, designed to illuminate spaces having different typologies, from the most architectural to the most intimate.

Tai Ping

For Raw, designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance explores the origins of our planet: the formation of the Earth, the foundation of civilization, the tension in the tectonic plates. The collection’s focus on minerals also echoes the origins of his own creative memory, like a personal tribute to his childhood on the wild coasts on Brittany in France.


Caractère  was born from a  charcoal line moving  freely on paper, as a drawing, the line describes the movements of a hand gesture, imperfect and at times disobedient. The sketches were then translated in beautiful three dimensional objects, keeping the irregular contours of the outline faithful to the original drawings.

The gesture is always present in the collection, from the concept to the production process giving the pieces a strong physical presence.  The imperfections adds character to the collection and perfectly resonates the fragile equilibrium between the living ceramic material and the manufacturing.