La Manufacture

The Amphora lounge chair borrows its lines from the ancient Roman clay vessels after which it was named. The design focuses on the bare essentials to emphasize its beautiful shape and carefully chosen materials. Amphora promises an experience of Hedonistic comfort.

Bernhardt Design

This chair expresses the sophistication of simple comfort, like a slate resting on a seat.
This idea creates the movement and the lightness of the arms which are like a cape frozen in movement.

Bernhardt Design

Modular and easy to move, Vendôme dividers offer each user (or group of users) the possibility to create customized areas both for punctual and specific needs or usual habits.

Such as Monoliths, Vendome Dividers set up a structuring visual landmark, simple & comforting.


The collection has drawn its inspiration from crystal and aims to highlight this material’s inner magic, its ability to diffract light, to create the illusion of a multiplicity of suns. It is also with the aim of following this principle of organic creation that the designer has imagined it in a modular, scalable manner, designed to illuminate spaces having different typologies, from the most architectural to the most intimate.