NDL Editions

Ancrage family pieces are geometrical constructions. Vertical and horizontal lines connect in emphasised intersections. The radical clarity of their design pays subtle homage to Rietveld and brutalism.

Maison Intègre

Maison Intègre is based in Ouagadougou, where craftmen create objects in bronze using the ancestral lost wax technique. Noé worked in close collaboration with the bronzesmiths and artisans at Maison Intègre’s workshops to create the pieces for this collection. Each piece is crafted by hand with recycled metal.

Punta Conterie Murano

At first, inspiration came from the work of photographer Lucie Jean called « Down by the water », focusing on a small island of Venice lagoon called « Madonna del Monte». I was moved by the water in movement, grounding on the banks of the abandoned island after the ride of a vaporetto on the lagoon. I also liked the contrast of textures between liquid elements, the cloudy sky and the brick walls in ruins. Perfect components to start a fascinating design project with glass."

La Manufacture

Sahara sofa evokes the beauty of a nomadic night in the desert. A wooden platform seamlessly welcomes cushions & backrests. It’s an invitation to comfortably sit or lie.