Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance

Belle-Ile pays homage to the designer's root, the Atlantic Peninsula and ‘Secret Garden’ of France: Brittany. The intention of designing a subtle piece, a place where one gets an effortless feeling of ease, warmth and familiarity. The lines are welcoming and protective, and the design is classic and of modest beauty. The Peninsula's coastline becomes the sofa’s edges, a soft and modern curve.

Ghidini 1961

A family of vases and bowls - Joe&Ema, Ema&Lou, Gil&Luc - with a shifting personality, the Flirt collection highlights the manufacturing skills of the Ghidini artisans. Available in two coatings - polished brass and rose gold - each object can be flipped over to offer a different function: A fruit bowl can become a vase, and a smaller vase can grow into a larger one or a champagne bucket.


Lamp Lannà draws inspiration from a particular Thai ritual of releasing hundreds of flying lanterns in the sky. The warm light of the opal hand-blown glass diffuser – made of two layers of polished blown glass- gives a refined atmosphere to the night, reminiscent of old traditions. The Lannà family is available in a suspended version and as a table lamp.


The Sellier sofa highlights Hermes’s signature design as being led by the quest for craftsmanship and innovation. Features of the design are hidden pockets and compartments, saddlebags on the armrest and caned screen sheltering a leather box of secrets. Materials and métiers come together: cabinetmaking, upholstery, and caning, which refers back to the very origins of Hermes in the 19th century, when this material was used in the construction of horse-drawn carriages.