Maison & Objet

The abstract scenography is animated by vibrations of water and light set in motion by music composed on vintage synthesizers. Forms are alive and the combination of sounds and light creates a mystical atmosphere subjugated to an intimate dialogue. There is something reflective in it as we are calmed and seduced.

Light and Sound Design // Vincent Tordjman

La Chance

Like the Borghese sofa, this coffee table is inspired by the Stone Pines of the Villa Borghese, in Rome. The metal structure is reminiscent of the intricate tree branches and supports three wooden surfaces.


The beauty of a chandelier often lies in the right balance between its components. Based on this observation, Peacock starts from the different elements of language, which then open out into a vocabulary and in a variety of shapes. The shape of the light source is taken from the peacock’s feathered tail: just like the peacock's most magnificent feature, the chandelier’s grandness lies in the repetition of its elements and in the variety of its forms.

Gaia & Gino

Two handmade blown glasses, gradient opal glass with bubbles. Water and sand and their fusion into glass inspired this table lamp. The ethereal dimension of the object is in harmony with its simplicity.