Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance
La Chance

The Borghese sofa was inspired by the Stone Pines of Villa Borghese in Rome: the metal structure is reminiscent of the intricate tree branches, while the cushions serve as the landscape. Again, the emotional relation with nature is the primary source of inspiration.

Galerie BSL

The inspiration for this design is found in nature’s basic shapes. From our elementary cells to the planetary system the universe is composed of networks and interconnections of elements and materials. This bookcase mirrors the system of the fundamental structures of life, whether in their micro or macro scale. 

This set of lights is an artificial reproduction of the moment when the sun is filtered through leaves. In each head the sequence of the LEDs and their reflection on the mirrors interpret this natural movement: its inspiration is a fugitive movement but its reproduction is perennial.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

The YSL architectural identity is a homage to the elegant, intense and mysterious personality of the couturier. A clean structured black box from the outside, a rich and intricate construction on the inside. Asymmetries, intersections, articulated lines compose this complex and yet clean design, a memory of Yves Saint Laurent's rich persona.


Saint Luc

Duales, designed for Saint Luc, started with the intention to work with linen fibre. The result is a range of coffee tables and tables playing with the fibre’s implicit duality: it has a discernible quality of warmth and tradition, and yet its shape resembles technologically advanced materials. Duales is eco-created from its production to its shipping and stocking.